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  • 1 Multi Millet Dosa Mix ,
  • 1 Adai Dosa Mix ,
  • 1 Peanut Butter ,
  • 1 Groundnut Chutney Podi.

All Occasion Healthy Gift Pack

  • Say no to artificial and adulterated foods.

    gift your loved ones with health and happiness with our special hampers.

  • MultiMillet Dosa Mix makes soft and tasty dosas rich in nutrients making it a perfect dish for children. 

    Adai Dosa Mix made from a delicious combination of dals. The soft dosas made from this mix are rich in nutrients and dietary fibre making it perfect for your family.

    Farmveda's Groundnut chutney podi is  traditional South Indian idli/dosa chutney. it's 100% natural, nutritious, aromatic and full of flavour to match the taste of your grandmothers preparation.

    FARMVEDA Peanut Butter is Unsweetened 100% NATURAL with NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES

Farmveda logo, owned by farmersof India, All profits go to farmers.