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Farmveda Breakfast Variety Box (Gift Pack)

  • Say no to artificial and adulterated foods.

    gift your loved ones with health and happiness with our special hampers.


    Farmveda Lemon Poha  Mix brings to you this simple, wholesome breakfast food with all its true authentic goodness. The fresh tanginess of lemon will tingle your tastebuds and make you ask for more.

    Farmveda Upma Mix brings to you this most popular south indian breakfast item with all its true authentic goodness. Tasty and flavoursome upma ready in just minutes. Serve this with FarmVeda Chutney Podi or FarmVeda Groundnut Chutney Podi.

    Groundnut chutney podi is 100% natural, nutritious and full of flavour to match the taste of your grandmothers preperation. We use top quality groundnut rich in protiens and minerals making it perfect with an idli/dosa breakfast.

    Roasted Peanut Chocolate bar containing the goodness of peanuts

    Choconuts are Peanuts wrapped in silky swirls of smooth chocolate


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