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In these hard hitting times, we can see that humanity still prevails. The farmers are acting as real heroes and coming forward to help people. At this time we are not just facing a crisis with the pandemic, but also with hunger. Farmveda's sister organisation, Centre for Collective Development (www.ccd.ngo), works with mango farmers from #Chittoor. These farmers are doing their bit by providing us with fresh mangoes. This is a seasonal and perishable crop and farmers need to sell this during the harvesting period else they can lose the whole crop. But seeing the current situation, it is almost impossible for them to sell their produce, let alone make profits. Since these farmers depend upon the earnings for the whole year by the profit made through this crop alone, Farmveda has taken an initiative to help them and save them from sinking into further debts. With the elimination of middlemen, the fruit gets delivered directly in the hands of the customer. Farmveda has decided to give it it's brand name, proper packaging and affordable rates to the produce. It is also providing door to door delivery of mangoes and ensuring the safety of the customer as well as the delivery boy. By making fresh fruits available to customers, farmers have done their bit.

Now it is our turn to do our bit by consuming them!

Farm veda salutes the efforts made by the farmers and hopes to continue helping them in these testing times!


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