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Indigenous Varieties of Rice

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Around half a century ago India was home to over 100,000 rice varieties, encompassing a stunning diversity in taste, nutrition and crucially in this age of climate change – adaptability to a range of climatic conditions. Every community had its varieties. Today there could be just 6,000, with fewer being grown every year. The rest are no longer cultivated and the knowledge of how to grow them will have been lost.

– Dr. Debal Deb

BAIF, a voluntary organization with more than 50 years of commendable developmental work, is working with the tribal farmers from across the state of Maharashtra for over a decade in efforts to revive more than 200 varieties of rice, millets and other native crops. Most of these nutrition-rich and great tasting varieties are unavailable for the market.


Native to foothills of the Sahyadri range.

Rich, flavourful aromatic variety.

Rich in Iron - up to 10 times more than conventional varieties.

Great for everyday consumption and rice-based desserts.

Vedic Rice

Native to Par and Daman Ganga basin.

Rich in Vital minerals and Anti-oxidants.

Traditionally used as nursing food for pregnant women, children and ailing.

It can be used in the same way as any brown or red rice.


Native to Sindhudurg (Coastal region).

Rich in Vit. B6, calcium, iron.

Traditionally used for “Pez” porridge.

Great with sea-food, dal and for Risotto,

Parboiled Valay is great for south Indian dishes (Idly, Dosa, etc.)

Rahibai Popere (Akole, Ahmednagar)

Rahibai (Seed Mother) is an innovative and visionary farmer from Akole block, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, she has been associated with BAIF for over 10 years. Rahibai featured in “BBC’s 100 most influential and inspirational women around the world in 2018” for her inspirational work of saving over 40 indigenous landraces with the help of BAIF. She was also awarded the "Nari Shakti Puraskar" in 2018 by The President of India.


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