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  • Nikki Dawar

Importance of breakfast

Why is breakfast so important?

Have you ever realised why your mom is always after you to have breakfast on time?

The meaning of breakfast is the meal we take to break the overnight fasting period. This meal decides the further proceedings of the day in terms of efficiency. Glucose is the key source of energy to human body. Breakfast kick starts the metabolism, replenishes the supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients that helps in keeping up the energy level high throughout the day. It is said, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper"

but we do exactly the opposite. With our busy mornings, we forget or hardly take any

meal, eat junk food for lunch and gorge on our dining table. Due to our poor diet plan,

we feel more lethargic, get tired early and work like a slothbear. The requirement of vitamins and nutrients in our body in the morning is the highest as compared to any other time of

the day.

Most of the people move to different cities to make their living. The busy work-life stress, prolonged meetings and the long travelling hours from home to office add up to changing our priorities. People these days are so busy in their monotonous routines that they

have given priority to their work-life over health. However, we need to understand that a proper balance can be maintained in our personal and work life only if we prioritize our health.

It has been suggested by experts that breakfast must be consumed within two hours after you wake up from your sleep. The longest duration of overnight fasting needs to be broken with a healthy meal. From low -fat milk, fruits, a bowl of cereals, masala oats, soup, eggs or filet mignon, anything can be taken since this diet adds fuel to your brain and pumps up the energy level in you. Eating such food, fortified with nutrients such as folate, iron, vitamin B, and fibre contributes to a significant portion of nutritional demands of our body. Also, it is said that a healthy breakfast helps in weight loss as it keeps the hunger level maintained and we are less likely to constantly be eating. The pros of having a breakfast outweighs the cons. Sparing a little bit of time and having an on-the-go breakfast can also prove fruitful and keep you away from the circle of medical problems at different age levels. Kids who take a healthy meal for breakfast have perks of outshining in their academic performances, have higher attendance and have decreased tardiness than those who skip meals and have a slower memory recall with increased errors. For old people also breakfast is equally important as it is for kids, because both are susceptible to catching deficiency disorders. Having a healthy breakfast meal in old age lowers the risk of metabolic issues in them.

So listen to your mom’s advice, and enjoy a bio fuelled scrumptious meal for breakfast. Ready- to-cook items such as upma, oats, poha ,dosa and idli can be a great choice to start your day with a healthy breakfast meal. Even peanut butter sandwiches, chocolates and energy bars can be an absolute on-the-go breakfast meal. Farmveda offers a whole range of such quick breakfast options. Not only are these breakfast options very convenient to cook, but they are very healthy and nutritious as well with no added preservatives/colors. For more information, you can log on to www.farmveda.in

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