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Covid-19 Relief work update (31th March)

We delivered 2 bags of 25kg/bag rice, potatoes, small quantity of dal (about 4 kg) and potatoes to Hosa folks – but we were redirected from there to St John’s Hospital and handed it over there.This effectively means we have done one round to all these places. We were not able to supply soap as we could not get it. Dal of any type, especially toor dal is simply not available as of now.

We then went back to Dasarahalli today and gave 7 bags of 25 kg rice, about 10 to 15 kg of toor dal and a bit of masoor dal, potatoes and cooking oil. There are two or three settlements of slum dwellers and they have no work and no food.

We then went to HSR Police Station and dropped off two bags of rice and potatoes.

One simple strategy we discovered which anyone who wants to help could perhaps note is: the task of distributing food (uncooked) has been handed over last mile to the Police. That is because they know in their jurisdiction who are the slum and shanty dwellers. The HSR police officer was very polite and told us that there are 160 families in their area. The BBMP supplies food once in a while to them but sometimes there is a delay or shortage.

Will try to go to Bilekahalli Police Station and see what we can do. The need of the hour is not money. It is working hands on the ground.


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