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Covid-19 Relief work update (1st April)

Today we went to Gulab Pasha and gave rice, potatoes, dal, oil and soap. They are well organized. We focused on giving it to those in pucca houses. We gently moved them to the tarpaulin shanty huts.

Then we went to nearby Arekere. Hidden behind view are dozens of the blue tarpaulin 'homes' or shacks. They are all migrants. A local cop took us around. We gave some stuff which he will distribute. We also requested the cop to identify as many as possible so we can supply to them.

Then we went behind Vega Mall and gave food to 25 immigrants from Assam.

In the afternoon, we picked up 10 bags of rice, two bags of toor dal (scarce and precious for the people), oil and went to Belandur. Hidden behind the magnificent IT Buildings, through dirt tracks surrounded by garbage are huge shanty towns of immigrants. We distributed all the rice and dal there. There were around 450+ people, with women and children.

Then we went to Salman right across Bangalore, police stops, galis for a recce. They live in pucca houses and local well to do people supply cooked food. We committed to giving rice and gave away remaining dal to them. They will pick up the rice themselves tomorrow.

Final comments: there is so much to do in and around IIM. Also HSR and Bellandur. We won't be able to meet their needs. Our team will not now go all over Bangalore to far away places. Second, what comes out on what's app are the relatively well off in trouble. The tarpaulin shanties are far worse off, no what's app champions, no money, no food, homes far far away. Easy to spot them if you ask around and drive up there. We will focus on them.

Indira canteens run, but often 2 km or more away. Not enough food. Long social distance queues, and packed nor very good food. Sure, in some places they may work.

Contrary to the what's app postings, we found Police very helpful. Three locations at least: Yelahanka, Hulimavu, and HSR Layout. They agreed to distribute. They also know the shanty hovels and where they are.


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