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#3, Social Alpha, 1st Floor, 14th Main Road, Sector-5, HSR Layout Bangalore- 560102, IN
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Farmveda - The idea that has blossomed into a beautiful reality

Annadata in India is still predominantly the small and marginal farmer who struggles to get value for the sweat and toil she and her family has put into farming. While society at large do acknowledge the issues faced by small and marginal farmers and their ordeal, we at Farmveda are transforming the lives of these small farmers the below mentioned ways:

  • By realizing the power of collective:

    Our Sister Organization, CCD (Centre For Collective Development) is helping the farmers form cooperatives at the village level and Federations of these cooperatives at the district level. Cooperatives enable farmers to collectively sell their produce. By doing this they save cheating on weights by aggregators, they get a better price by bargaining as they are selling large quantities collectively and better payment terms. They also save on fertilizers and seed costs. This itself increases their profits by 50%.

    At the Federation level, they have set up primary processing units and they are collectively processing and selling to Reliance, Flipkart, More, and other big retailers. They are able to get the profits which was otherwise taken away by private processors. Combined Pool and Sell and by selling processed grains, their profits are up by 100% in comparison to when they were selling separately.
  • Through Value Added Products: Farmveda procures fresh produce from the farmers and produces a range of packaged food products like Instant Mixes, Ready to Eat snacks, Condiments, Chocolates, edible oil and many more. These products create more value for the farmers as all the profit from Farmveda products goes back to the farmers.
  • Nurturing Entrepreneurs: Farmveda and CCD also empower and inspire the farmers to take a step in the direction of creating more value from the existing resources and expertise they have. Not only the profits from Farmveda go back to the farmers, but Farmveda is also owned by the farmers’ cooperatives which is collectively owned by these small and marginal farmers. We believe this shift in mindset will bring a revolution in the farming sector and will form the bedrock for innovation and entrepreneurship from the grassroot level.
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture: Farmveda and CCD are actively promoting eco-sustainable farming practices like organic and natural farming, use of Non-GMO crops, soil conservation and water revitalization. We understand the immediate economic ramification of adopting organic and natural farming as it may result in lesser yield which can be challenging for the small farmers to manage, hence we are taking constructive and result-oriented steps that is economically viable for the farmers while promoting sustainable agriculture.

The Journey :

Prof. Trilochan Sastry, the Founder of CCD and Farmveda, is a former dean of IIM Bangalore and one of the key activists in the ‘Right To Information’ movement as a founder of the Association for Democratic Reforms. The plight of the small and marginal farmers has been an issue that Prof. Sastry has been working on and wanted to bring a tangible & sustainable change in the lives of these small and marginal farmers by creating an opportunity for them to get the right value of their produce, become self-reliant & economically independent.

It started in a small way, back in 2005 with farmers from Gunipalli deciding to work together for their mutual benefit. Gunipalli is in Bukkapatnam Mandal in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Farmers were not getting the right price for their produce after months of hard work and were struggling to make ends meet as farming was the only source of employment and income for them. A few outsiders from a then small NGO called the Centre for Collective Development (CCD) helped the farmers work on their aspirations.

Today there are over 43,000 + farmers working together across 5 districts. The movement is slowly spreading to other states.

This initiative has transformed many lives holistically and one such instance is of Ramana Reddy’s. Ramana Reddy was one of the farmers who joined the cooperative movement early. He is an intelligent farmer from Gunipalli. After spending 10 crucial years of his youth in social activism, he came back to farming. Today he is the President of the Satya Sai Rythu Samakhya (Satya Sai Farmer Federation) which is in Anantapur District having 9000+ farmers spread across more than a hundred villages. His level of dedication towards the cause is unparalleled. When the Makkajipalli mill was being set up, he made sure he was around all the time which meant sleeping under a tree. He was one of a handful of people who worked hard to realize their collective dream. When asked why he took so much trouble, he said “I have given my word – maata ichanu.”


Farmveda Products – A Commitment to Taste, Health and Value

Often, we find ourselves left to choose between health and our taste buds. And health often implies impossible and expensive food regimes. Farmveda brings a range of ready to cook delicious meals, ready to eat snacks, confectionery and condiments produced using fresh ingredients sourced directly from the farmers. Our range of idli mixes, dosa mixes, podi powders, chikkis & chocolates are low calorie and high nutrition value products which are preservative and additive free. “There is nothing artificial about it” as all the products are produced from ingredients that are grown naturally by the farmers. Whether it is an authentic south Indian breakfast, a late afternoon snack or midnight munching, Farmveda enables you to relish your food guiltfree without worrying about the few inches, few kgs or few burps that you would otherwise be struggling with.

Farmveda brings you a variety of delightful & natural, preservative-free products made from non-GMO based plants which makes staying healthy easy for you & your family. Try our range of idli mixes, dosa mixes, podi powders, chikkis, chocolates, cold pressed peanut oil and much more to bring the true promise of health closer to your family.