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Hand Pounded / Hand processed toor /arhar dal

  • •  Jan 09, 2020

Toor dal, a native crop of India is a chief accompaniment with roti or rice, it is vouched by nutritionists and health experts in unison as the complete food that should be added in the regular meal plan.

Toor dal is the primary source of protein for vegetarians that comes with a dense nutrient profile and a bowl of dal chawal is the best comforting food for the mind and body.

How to cook:

  • Toor dal is a good source of an essential nutrient but also have anti-nutritional factors. Studies have disclosed that lentils contain trypsin inhibitors and high on phytate, trypsin is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of protein and phytate reduces the bioavailability of minerals.
  • However, lentils upon soaking overnight in warm water can remarkably lessen the phytate level and enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.
  • Wash and soak Toor dal overnight in warm water.
  • Add soaked dal in the pressure cooker with enough water, add turmeric powder and salt. Pressure cook for 5-7 whistles until soft and done.
  • Give a tadka with ghee, jeera, and curry leaves.
  • Serve with hot rice or roti.

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