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Farmers, the Real Winners of TCS World 10K Bangalore Marathon

  • By ABC
  • •  Jun 18, 2018


-the-real-winners-of-tcs-world-10k-bangalore-marathon/ Reading Time: 2 minutes May is the time of the year when the runners of Bangalore come together for the annual marathon, World 10K Bangalore. Organised by Procam International and sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, the event was a huge success with 25,000 people running for it. The event was sponsored by some of the biggest brands like Puma, Bisleri, StarSports and Tata Nexon to name a few. After winning the hearts of Delhites and Mumbaikars in Delhi Half Marathon and Mumbai Marathon, Procam decided to spread the revolution to the beautiful city of Bengaluru in 2008. The eleventh edition of the event was held on Sunday, 27th May. From national and international elite athletes to daily light joggers, Sree Kanteerava Stadium was packed with a massive crowd at 5 in the morning, warming up for the big run. Photo: One India Gallery Photo: One India Gallery The marathon had something special for everyone. For athletes, World 10K had 10 km distance to run. Open 10K run, evident by its name was open for everyone above the age of 14 for a distance of 10 km. Majja race, set for 6 km, was for children above 12. The event did not overlook the elders, in Senior Citizens’ Run, a run of 4 km was assigned for elders. Farmveda- No More Hungry Farmveda provided a healthy breakfast for the huge crowd after the big run. Framveda, owned by the farmers of India, started in 2005, is a firm that works for providing mutual benefits to farmers. It markets packaged products which are available in supermarkets as well as Amazon and Big Basket. Farmveda set up a few stalls in the stadium laden with fresh, healthy and delicious food. Farmers and Farmveda volunteers served for an unending queue of 25,000 runners. The menu comprised of Indian delicacies Idli,  halwa, and upma and a couple of bananas. They claimed that all the profit earned through the service would go directly to farmers. With biodegradable plates and spoons, Farmveda made sure that the event took place in a sustainable manner. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The event highlighted the importance of working out and staying fit which should be a part of our daily routine. It’s about time we leave our comfortable couches and go for a stroll in the park.

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