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Covid-19 Relief work update (13th April)

  • •  Apr 14, 2020

Covid-19 Relief work update (13th April)

Today we visited a big compound where there were more than 100 people. Unfortunately, we were mobbed inside and outside. We had gone there earlier as well and it was all peaceful. But this time… People came outside the compound gate and said “either you give to us or don’t give to anyone”.

We decided to move on. Did some more distribution and then came back there. Same problem, many more people came running. We used largely to give to those in temporary shacks and the construction immigrants. Now nearby small households in rented accommodation came running and started a fight – though as of now only a verbal one. The women typically were local and work as housemaids. In some places women were begging for rations.

If this thing prolongs, it will lead to sporadic violence here and there – perhaps around India – as people get more desperate. The sense of insecurity and complete uncertainty is putting them under a lot of stress. The remaining bags were dropped off at the police station. They will make into small packs and distribute.

An order for 100 kits of 5 kg rice and 1 kg dal – one per household, enough for 5 days or more depending on the consumption was then placed with the local wholesaler by the name of Royal Traders. Bramesha (the Head Constable) will take stamped coupons from the trader, and distribute them to individual households. This is relatively easy to do. They will come to Royal traders and get one kit. We will go and reimburse against the coupons. Now that Royal Traders has reduced his rates, we can do this. He is charging Rs 1 more per kit for packing. We had done this one round earlier and it worked well though he had charged more that time.

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