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Covid-19 Relief work update 12th May

  • •  May 12, 2020

Covid-19 Relief work update 12th May

Last few days we were trying to gauge the situation. Here is a very local and anecdotal picture based on our locations and talking directly to the people. We checked in a few locations. We are going today to distribute rations to a third location. For our purposes the changes are:

1. Some people have started going to work, which is good news. 2. Some of those who are single or without kids or old people have gone back“home” to their native places. What happens there is still not clear. 3. Some are without jobs now and have stayed behind. For instance, those who do‘tiling’ work in construction are idle because the flooring etc. has to be completed first. 4. The need for food distribution continues at least in Bangalore for those who are still without work and are staying back. 5. Some of the active volunteers and NGO types are finding it difficult to continue work for a few reasons. Lack of funds, lack of energy, and some are saying how long can we do this – the Government should do it. 6. The Government is trying its best but it sometimes does not work. In one location half the people were put on buses and sent back to Bihar as they wanted to go. But the other half were not sent. There is some system of preparing a list and sending only those on the list. The numbers in Bangalore alone runs into lakhs or perhaps tens of lakhs. 7. There are occasional flare ups and arguments. In one or two places, migrants clashed with the Police.

Just trying to think ahead: how long will this last, and how do we address gaps that may remain after Government does its best? We continue to be committed to helping those in distress as of now. We have a longer term plan as well – but more on that some other time.

Thank you once again for the generous support.  Anyone interested in contributing, can send in their donations to the following:

Name: Centre for Collective Development

Bank: SBI IIM Bangalore Branch

A/c No: 54019812310

IFSC: SBIN0040803

Please email sarmagn.blr@ccd.ngo giving your name, PAN number, address and amount contributed. We will be happy to send you the 80G receipt so that you can avail a tax benefit.

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