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Covid-19 Relief work update (11th April)

  • •  Apr 12, 2020

Today around 375 kg of rice, 75 kg of toor dal and 50 litres of cooking oil was distributed today around 5 km from IIM Bangalore. The first location was one small location with 5 young migrant boys. The second location had around 225 persons in a closed compound- Biharis, Bengalis, a few Odiya, and Kannadigas. Two thirds of the stock got exhausted here. The rest of the stock was given at the third location which had around 100 people. These are all ‘interior’ areas accessible through small roads/dirt tracks and hidden from view. They had not got any external rations. One of the head Constables of the area, Tulasi had located them for us.

There are many (currently) needy people around IIM Bangalore. We would have distributed to easily over a thousand people if not more by now and there are still many more.Government in some locations is giving cooked rice (pulav or biryani) – now they say it is once a day down from 2/3 times a day. However, the quantity is not enough and it misses many people like theones we visited today. We try to give about 1.25 kg of rice per person and about 1/3 to 1/4 that of dal. This can last a few days or at most a week, if we factor in that small children and old people may eat less.


We can do about 700-800 kg a day distribution in the two vehicles we have which cost us around 40 k . But that is peak capacity. We usually do between Rs.25K and Rs.35K a day. We need more funds and perhaps reserve field volunteers who can drive. Ideally at least one vehicle (SUV or Maruti Omni is very good for putting in large sacks of rice and dal), and two/three persons who can do this regularly. We can then do a bit more.   Thanks once again to all our supporters and donors.


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